In need of some inspiration?

I don’t want to say ‘Yolo’ but it’s true
(I’m sure you’ve already guessed it but this is a cringey post)

We were not lied to when we asked whether this would be a dangerous trip. Of course there will be risks; altitude sickness could hit even the fittest of athletes, we may have trouble breathing at such a height, we could push our bodies too far and it have a major impact on our health, our jabs may not work and we could contract diseases… and the list goes on. The more I think about it, the more scared I get, but it is also so exciting, how could I say no??

This post isn’t so much about Kilimanjaro but I wanted to write something that will hopefully inspire people to take risks and be spontaneous. Fundraising and training for this trip has its highs and lows and when you have lows they’re not cool. The stress for raising so much money can really get to you and realizing just how hard it is so stay motivated and get fit is a bit of a bummer also.  Worrying about not reaching the target and not being fit enough can sometimes really get me down, but then I remember how much support I have from my wonderful family and friends. How many people have donated, how many people have helped me with fundraising ideas and organizing events, how many people have been there for me when I have been down about it and how many people have giving me that extra push when I needed it. I could spend ages thanking you all but I think it would take a while; there’s so many of you! I realized I need to change from saying what I haven’t achieved, instead to what I have achieved.

My amazing family have been more than supportive.

This is what keeps me positive, and of course, so does the cause it is all going to. Cancer is something so close to most people’s hearts and that is why we need to help tackle the disease. So when I am feeling stressed or down or I am having a negative day, I think of everyone who has helped me already, everyone who has been affected by Cancer and then I know how important this actually is, and that is what keeps me going.

I can’t believe i’m about to say this but it’s true, YOLO or You Only Live Once is a pretty accurate saying for this event. Trying to prepare your body for something like this is a challenge in itself. Especially when it’s me… who loves food and not so much exercising.  Yes it is dangerous and yes there are risks but aren’t there risks in everything we do every day? If we as a human race, let risks and dangers stop us from doing things, then what would be the point? Its life. And who would want to stop themselves from taking part in a once lifetime opportunity?

So if you’re having one of those down days, where you feel like nothing is on your side and there’s negativity everywhere, take a deep breath in and think about what you have around you. Think about what you have achieved instead of what you haven’t. Think about what you can do next to move on up. Think about how you can change the good from the bad.

and if anything else, think yolo.

S x

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A rooky mistake?

cropped-kilimanjaro.jpgYou know when you sign up to something thinking it would be a fantastic idea and you have so much positivity about it? You’re excited about the whole prospect of new challenges, experience and spontaneity. But, as the process moves forward, sometimes these feelings can slowly become distant memories. The excitement of signing up becomes regret and the idea of being spontaneous turns into anxiety and you think to yourself, ‘oh my god, what have I actually got myself into?’

Well I signed up to climb Mountain Kilimanjaro this year in aid for cancer.

I know what you’re thinking. Wow! and yes so am I, but i can’t hide the fact that I am absolutely bricking it. Not only do I have to raise a ton of money and somehow carry on with my degree, but I have to climb Africa’s highest mountain, over a period of 6 days, where we will be trekking for 12 hours at a time.

Some may see this as an opportunity to get fit, but as I see it as I have no choice. Having made the decision to join the gym and to commit myself at least 3 times a week is a challenge in itself.

I know I seem to be having a moan and rant to you, but I am genuinely excited to be able to have this experience given to me. It will be mentally and physically challenging and i hope that with this blog, I can take you on the journey with me. I will share my preparation up to it, my highs and lows and of course many pictures!

Safe to say, this will be a ‘Kili’ of a climb.

S x