Whoa, We’re Half Way There

… Whoa! Livin’ On A Prayer.

I’m halfway there ladies and gents.

I just want to say a massive Thank you/TY/Diolch/Danke/Merci/Gracias/Dankie  to everyone who has contributed so far!

WE ARE HALF WAY! Which means that in extremely positive speak, I have almost reached my target! This is so exciting!

*does a little celebratory dance*

All your contributions means so much to me and without you, I would not be where I am today. The money raised is going to such a fantastic cause – World Wide Cancer Research which funds doctors and researchers to be able to work towards finding more about cancer, in order to help tackle the disease. Cancer is something that unfortunately, will affect most people at least once in their life time and your donations will be contributing to putting a stop to that.

But! The fundraising does not stop there. We still have a way to go and so I want to leave you with the link to my fundraising page, in case you would like to make a donation. Every pound counts and every penny gets me that little bit further to reaching the end goal!

I want to say thank you again to everyone who has contributed!

Think Bon Jovi guys;


S x


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