International Womens Day (I know I’m late)

Yesterday was #InternationalWomensDay which marked the celebration of female social, political and cultural success across the globe throughout many years. The day was celebrated in many ways throughout the country and many people used the hashtag #InternatinalWomensDay or #IWD2016 to show their support for it.

I wanted to mark this day myself as a day to recognize all the female researchers around the world who put their heart and soul into improving their knowledge on cancer and progressing forward to tackling the horrific disease. The divide between male and female scientists is becoming more and more smaller which is a fantastic thing and each year more women are qualifying with PHDs. This news is something that can help encourage more women to work towards becoming fully qualified researchers and scientists in the future and will hopefully inspire more women to help work for World Wide Cancer Research!

Dr Anna Git recently told the charity of her successful application for her grant and tells World Wide Cancer Research how this has enabled her to become an independent researcher and set up her own group. This opportunity is fantastic and I am sure that Dr Git will now be part of a team who helps move the progression of researching cancer forward.

For women working in science, it can be extremely challenging as many feel they have to work even hard to get their voice heard and for their work to be appreciated. But, I am sure that we are now one step forward in equalizing gender within science and research and so hopefully, we can all work together to help curing cancer.

Please take your time to read the full interview with Dr Grit and the opportunity she now has within science.

Dr Anna Git

S x




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